Why a Venue in Quezon City Is the Perfect Place for You to Hold Your Event

Why a Venue in Quezon City Is the Perfect Place for You to Hold Your Event

As more and more events are discovered and marketed, people have more need for an event place now more than ever.
Fortunately, the venues in Quezon City can provide the perfect location for numerous occasions.
If you want to know more about the various event venues in Quezon City, then read on.

Why You Should Hold Your Event at Quezon City?

Why You Should Hold Your Event at Quezon City

There are a few reasons why Quezon City is the best place for you to consider holding your event in. We listed two of the most popular reasons below.

Accessibility to other areas – When hosting events, it is very important that the venue is accessible to the guest.
It is essential that the location is not only accessible to nearby cities, but also to those who will be coming from nearby provinces as well.
The northeast region of Quezon City provides easy access for those coming to and from the center of Metro Manila. There is also a way for those in the CALABARZON region as Quezon City’s eastern portion is in close proximity to San Mateo, Rizal.
With the recently developed NLEX Mindanao Avenue Link or Segment 8.1, both Quezon City and NLEX has been bridged by the expressway. This convenient passage spans a length of 2.7 kilometers and connects Quezon City to Northern and Central Luzon.
Since not everybody has a car, the venue in Quezon City must be in an area where public transportations are available.
Luckily, the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) Line 3 connects Quezon City and Manila via EDSA. On the other hand, Light Rail Transit (LRT) intersects EDSA and conveniently connects Quezon City to neighboring cities.

Multi-Dimensional City – Despite its nature as a bustling metropolitan area, Quezon City represents both the beauty of the city life and wonder of nature.
The city life is reflected in the various hotels, condominiums, and malls. While nature is represented by the gardens and ecological parks in the city.
Various venues in Quezon City can cater even to two extremely contrasting events. Examples of such distinctive events are a wild club-themed bridal shower and a quaint tea party.

What Are the Different Types of Venues Available in Quezon City?

What Are the Different Types of Venues Available in Quezon City

There are numerous of possible events venue in Quezon City.
In this multifaceted city, there is bound to be a perfect venue for any event and theme.

To provide a better view of the various venues in Quezon City, here are the unique characteristics of the venues in the area that are definitely worth celebrating at:

Vintage Elegance – Fall in love with the vintage-inspired elegance that perfectly depicts the beauty of the Victorian era.
The romantic windows blend well with the elegantly glamorous chandeliers provides the perfect combination to replicate a vintage setting.
Such venues provide the perfect ambiance for a romantic and emotional event.

Modern Designs – Of course, not everyone is into vintage. If you are one of these people, you’ll be glad to know that Quezon City is home to hotels with modern designs with hi-tech facilities that will surely wow you guests!

English Covered Garden – Have you ever wanted to hold a garden party without worrying about a sudden rain ruining the event?
You’re in luck!
There are a few venues in Quezon City where you can experience the full splendor of a garden event without worrying about the weather.
Everything that usually comes in a garden venue is included and nothing is spared with regards to detail. You can expect a bubbling fountain and even quaint birdhouses.
This covered garden is topped off by a large canopy that securely protects and keeps the people underneath dry.
The best thing about this venue is that the guests get to experience the Medieval era of Europe without having to leave the present time.

Outdoor Garden – Even though there is an available covered garden venue in Quezon City that does not mean that an outdoor venue is out of the list.
Despite being in the midst of a bustling metropolitan city, a quaint garden event can still be held.
This whimsical venue provides the perfect touches of nature that can boost the beauty of the moment.
The mini balcony and beautiful landscape will ensure the photos taken during an event to be awe-inspiring and perfect in every little way.

Dine with a Fun Zone – There is a diner with an arcade type of play area, which is a very child-friendly venue in Quezon City. It’s even more fun for the kids, who can win prizes at the arcade.
With a party package readily available for booking, such a venue is perfect for busy parents who don’t have much time but don’t want to sacrifice the preparations.
Such a venue can conveniently provide an enjoyable party without any hassle.

Grand Entrance – On special occasions like weddings and debut, the entrance of the couple or of the debutante is one of the highlights of the event.
In terms of aesthetic, staircases can add to the drama of the moment.
Unfortunately, there are not a lot of events place that has that feature. Most of the time, a staircase is positioned outside of the events room, and not inside.
Fortunately, those who have been dreaming of such dramatic entrance can now fulfill their dreams.
There are some special venues in Quezon City where a staircase leads directly to the function room, giving the audience a great view of the majestic entrance.

Club Style Party – For party people and club goers, there are venues in Quezon City where a simple space can be converted into the perfect party pad.
Details such as the booming music and psychedelic lighting are sure to be present.

What Types of Events Are Best Held in Quezon City?

What Types of Events Are Best Held in Quezon City

With the different types of venues available in the city, it is not very difficult to find a venue.

Although choosing may be hard since Quezon City has a number of versatile venues.

Consequentially, a good deal of events often takes place in Quezon City—occasions like the following:

Weddings –Locations like vintage-themed venues or gardens can surely add to the much needed romantic vibe for the occasions.
This is also perfect due to the numerous churches built in the city, thus, shortening the travel time from the church to the reception area.
More importantly, anything can happen at a wedding and the scenic location can turn any point of the event into a picturesque moment.
Do take note that, for weddings, it is commonly either a white-tie or black-tie event unless the bride and groom request that the guests conform to a specific theme.
The ladies should avoid a white dress, since it is reserved for the bride.
Due to the formal nature of the event, the ladies are required to wear a floor-length gown. This rule can be bent to an extent only; although one alternative is a knee-length dress.
On the other hand, men should wear a tuxedo with dark colors and base the color on the season when the event was held.

Debut – With the various types of venues located in the city, even a debutante with an unusual personality is sure to find the perfect venue.
Venues with a vintage and romantic vibe are perfect for young ladies, who are very demure and prefer a ladylike approach to the party’s theme.
There are some non-conformist debutantes, who does not want to follow the traditional style of a “coming of age party.” Some even want to have a party with loud music and plenty of dancing.
Good thing venues in Quezon City are versatile and can deliver the requests of the clients.

Cocktail Party – Those romantic and open-air venues are not exclusive to a wedding. Cocktail parties are also a great event to host at one of the party venues in Quezon City.
The colorful cocktail dresses in combination to the kick of the cocktails and lively chatter add up to the general splendor of the venue.
The required attire for a cocktail party is not as formal as the ones worn at a wedding.
For men, a decent and flattering shirt paired with dress pants will do.
While for the ladies, the classic “little black dress” is a foolproof choice, but a colorful cocktail dress is also a nice option.
Another alternative for ladies is a flattering pairing of skirt and blouse.
Pantsuits are also accepted as an attire option.
A nice and comfortable pair of flats is also fine to wear, especially if the one wearing it is not comfortable with wearing heels.

Bridal Shower – This cosmopolitan city has an extremely active nightlife that provides plenty of choices for the ladies out on an adventure.
A bridal shower is also not complete without staying overnight at a hotel, which Quezon City has a numerous supply of.

What Party Essentials Should Be Present on Any Occasion?

An event is not complete without a few supplies or party favors. A few examples of these are the following:

Party Invitation – In this digital age today, the traditional means of inviting guest is only practiced by a few individuals. People just text or e-mail each other the information like the time, location, occasion, and dress code.
However, for special occasions like a wedding and a debut, invitations are necessary to set the tone of the event.

Décor – The invitation is not the only party element that should set its tone. It must also reflect its theme.
Blow up some balloons, confetti, posters, or even party hats that fit the theme so that it will not only provide the final touches, but also so that it would look good in pictures.

Lights – Lights can also set the mood of the party.
For a club style party, the blinking lights or laser lights can push the guests to dance more.
By utilizing a spotlight during a wedding or debut, the main celebrants of the event are given focus and emphasis.

Beats – Another mood setting party element is the music. To start off the event, a few low-key beats would be enough to establish the mood and pump up the guests. As the night progresses, the music beat could go faster and louder.

Entertainment – Make sure to prepare some icebreakers and a few games.
Even formal occasions like a wedding and debut should have an activity that would allow the guests to get to know the bride and groom or debutante even better.
Such activities can also provide a chance for the guest to interact with each other.
Smaller gatherings can play a few parlor games, board games, or even video games that could provide entertainment for guests.

Replenishments – With all of the activities done throughout the course of the party, the guests would need to refuel.
Make sure that you have ample amount of food for everybody. Do take note that some of the guests might take more than one serving of the food.
The food amount is not the only thing to consider, but also the utensils like spoon and fork. This is even more necessary if a caterer was not hired.
In relation to drinks, the amount of ice must also be checked every now and then, so that the stock can be replenished if needed.

Why Celebrate Your Memorable Occasions at Prime Hotel?

If you are looking for a function room to hold your event, then check out the events place at Prime Hotel.
This new addition to the plethora of hotels located in Quezon City is highly capable of catering to the needs of its clients and guests.
Along with the amenities, this newly built hotel boasts of spacious function halls for special events. Our hotel boasts of hi-tech facilities that fit right in with the modern elegance Prime Hotel simply exudes.
The grand ballroom sports an elegant interior design with its high-ceiling which complements its wide space.
This function hall can accommodate a large group of 200 people; but it can be stretched to 250 people.
This grand ballroom is ideal for big occasions like a wedding or a debut.
For smaller gatherings, there are two other function halls, which can accommodate 70-100 people.

Compared to the grand ballroom, the two other function halls can accommodate a smaller volume of people and are more ideal for more intimate gatherings; it can serve as a venue for corporate meetings.
If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us.
Or better yet, pay us a visit so we can properly show you our state-of-the-art function halls!

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