Reimagining Business Centers: Modern Spaces for Business


Reimagining Business Centers - Modern Spaces for Business

What is inside modern hotel business centers?

  1. Inclusive space
  2. Access to a convenient lodging option
  3. High technology and facilities
  4. On-site services and amenities
  5. Fresh and contemporary interior design



Gone are the days of noisy copy machines, phones ringing off the hook, and chatty coworkers who are just borderline annoying. Nowadays, these elements are far from being the hallmarks of vibrant workplaces or hotel business centers. Spaces for business who have been bitten by the redesign bug are now adapting modern aesthetics.

There is a prime need for this because it is known that the environment of employees can greatly affect their skills in creative thinking, logic, and overall workflow. These spaces also give allowance on breakaway time to focus and to recharge. Rethinking the business spaces’ environment can bring about many solutions that can improve the productivity of those who are within the range of the space.

Let’s take a look at how modernity touches on the creativity of spaces that can be adapted to hotel business centers or your very own office space:



Inclusive Space

A great business center focuses on the comfortability of its guests. Just like the Yotel New York at Times Square, which features eight “club cabins” with free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen display for presentations, and a boardroom table that can seat up to six people on surrounding stools and sofa. There are also designs wherein business centers offers a cubby for each guest which give hem ample privacy and space to do their work.

Being in a hotel, business centers can offer options in meeting rooms in varying styles and sizes. Hosting your corporate meeting at a venue like this or if you are just traveling on business, you would be welcomed with enough space for your needs.



A Convenient Lodging Option

Access to a Convenient Lodging Option

Guests will have a convenient place to stay after going through their business agenda. With top-of-the-line hotel guest amenities, you will have access to additional perks besides the hotel business center’s features.

Of course, you will find similar offerings in many other business centers but a great hotel makes sure that you are welcomed in the way you deserve. They can cater to your preferences with ease. Are you looking for a more casual vibe or a formal one? Then a hotel business center will help you figure out which one.



High Technology and Facilities

Hotels typically offer the newest technology available for their guests. If you are running out of juice and your laptop is not cooperating with you to chase that urgent deadline, don’t worry because modern business centers are equipped with the technology that you would need to get the job done.

With fast Wi-Fi, video conferencing equipment, flat screens, printers, and many more office supplies, business centers are making the waves in integrating these facilities.

They serve as a resource center and sometimes, they provide an internet café for those who wish to utilize this service. Meeting and conference must-haves are not a problem for modern business centers because they are also provided and ready-to-be-used. With business centers in hotels, convenience is of the essence.



On-Site Services and Amenities

On-Site Services and Amenities

Almost every equipment comes in handy nowadays but even if you can access files or the internet remotely, the additional office equipment that comes with these centers will be useful to you. Knowing that you are in a hotel, the amount of time that you would be using would not be wasted because there are already on-site services and amenities that are available for use.

Communal worktables would allow you to be immersed in a variety of networking options which is a plus if you are promoting a product or a service for your business trip.



Fresh and Contemporary Interior Design

Keeping up with the current styles in the design industry, business centers maximize this for the guests that use the space they provide. The qualities of their design range from bare simplicity, subtle sophistication, texture and clean lines to help define the contemporary style decors.

The interior of the business centers defines the space rather than the elements inside of it. More and more hotel business centers adopt this kind of design and they focus on color, space, and shape. This is an advantage to making the environment a conducive one for work. A calm and well put-together business center will make it feel more welcoming to those who wish to do their business in this space.



Key Takeaway

Reimagining business centers have gone a long way since it came into popularity in the 1980s. It is more than just a row of stationary PCs, printers, and fax machines that are complimentary in hotels. The modern spaces tend to utilize trendy designs and the latest technology to make business travelers feel at home.

However, it still serves the same purpose. You can still use these centers for a quick email, make changes to an urgent presentation or just to make yourself feel at the zone for your work. As mainstays in hotels, the business centers may stray away from the traditional but they are still the best place to showcase professional and creative work.

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