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The Hotel Business Center: The Untold Side of the Hotel Industry

Hospitality. One of the most important values for everyone to uphold. It’s the very act that caters to everyone staying under your wing and making sure that each guest under your stead gets the care they need, want, and deserve. Thankfully, with the help of the hotel industry, as well as the hotel business center, hospitality in wide proportions has definitely made its own widespread impact throughout the country. With this industry being around for many generations, it’s safe to establish that the hotel industry is the one that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

However, while we all love to relish the feel of being in a hotel, what’s it like operating its business side?

History of Hotels in the Philippines

History of Hotels in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the best countries for tourism. There are numerous sights to behold, numerous activities to try, and just as many people to meet and make friends with. Having said that, tourism and the numerous hotels in store for visits definitely work hand-in-hand. Plus, the industry’s history is just as rich as the offerings of a hotel business center!

Spanning numerous generations, the history of the hotel industry in the Philippines is one that should be taken into consideration. After at least two centuries since the inception of what many consider to be the first hotel in the country, the industry has continued to grow and make an impact in the market. In fact, many of the hotels that have been around since the country was colonized by the Spanish capital still remain sturdy and strong through the years, with the addition of hotel business centers to help advance their operations.

With the industry’s history baring a huge impact on modern society, there have been more and more things to expect in the industry itself. For instance, throughout the years, a great number of foreigners have come to appreciate what the hotel has to offer, additional amenities have been added to cater to every guest’s tastes, and above all, additional investors have expressed interest in having a share of the hotel’s profits (thanks to the numerous hotel business centers around the industry). Either way, with the passage of time, the country’s hotel industry is one that will continue to strive for their guests’ utter satisfaction and delight with every stay.

Different Kinds of Hotels in the Philippines

Different Kinds of Hotels in the Philippines

Another thing to note about the hotel industry in the Philippines is that it comes with a variety of accommodations for everyone to enjoy. Think of it this way; with that much variety around the industry, your options have been widened exponentially, making your stay in the country (or ‘staycation’ for many Filipinos) even more memorable and enjoyable. With that said, here are the different types of hotels and accommodations you can expect when exploring the Philippines:

  • Luxury Hotels 

This is the kind of hotel to avail for when you want to experience the ‘luxurious’ kind of relaxation and enjoyment. Usually equipped with numerous amenities and features, these kinds of hotels are the ones that every individual would definitely enjoy when you really want to unwind in the most extravagant way possible.In addition, what’s also best about this type of accommodation is that, as mentioned before, they can be found anywhere in the Philippines. Available to everyone around the metro or numerous provinces, luxury hotels are the type to avail for the ultimate experience.

  • Motels

 This is the kind of hotel to avail for when you want a quick and affordable service. Most of these establishments are known for being quick to access mainly because of their drive-in entrances and affordable room rates, especially the rates that allow you to stay for at least 3 hours. Additionally, what’s known about these establishments is none other than their peaceful and intimate atmosphere, making it perfect for most couples to visit and unwind together. They are also known for being the best kind of accommodation to consider when you’re taking a long drive and you find yourself looking for a place to stay for the night.

  • Bed and Breakfasts

 Known popularly as ‘B&Bs’, these establishments are known for their ‘homey’ atmosphere. These establishments are usually private houses that are rented for the guest’s leisure and can be used for any staycation or vacation purposes – whether it be an overnight stay or even a week-long celebration. Plus, they even come with complimentary breakfasts, which is all the more reason for you to enjoy this type of accommodation with every chance you get!

  • Apartments 

Operating like a bed and breakfast, this type of accommodation can be a great way to enjoy your vacation with convenience in new heights! Think of it as a fusion between a hotel and a B&B, which is actually one of the best combinations there is! With this type of accommodation, they usually come equipped with personal bathrooms, bedrooms for privacy, as well as free use of certain appliances such as air conditioning and refrigeration. Plus, you have a wireless internet connection! What more can you ask for?

  • Hostels

 These kinds of accommodations are known for their generally affordable prices in the sense that it’s meant to accommodate backpackers or travelers who are on a tight budget. These kinds of accommodations can actually be found all around the Philippines (particularly in provincial locations), which can make it easier for travelers from all over the world to save up and enjoy their vacation even more without the worry!

The Hotel Business Center

The aforementioned kinds of hotels and accommodations are more than enough to garner interest from numerous visitors and vacationers alike! If there’s anyone else that shows more interest, however, it would be none other than the numerous investors in store for the numerous hotel business centers around.

Nowadays, most hotels have their own business centers that help with the establishment’s operations, which in turn can extend the establishment’s longevity in the market as well. Investors express interest in the establishment depending on the profit it garners per quarter, all depending on the amount of interested generated for the public.

In any case, the hotel industry can be one of the most complex, yet intriguing forms of business there is. Thanks to the hotel business centers around the industry, being able to invest in the industry has become much more flexible and more available than ever. Also, another thing to note about this is that the hotel industry offers a lot more opportunities for investment and other business purposes, which can be best explained through the following examples:

  • Property Investment 

This is actually one of the most common perks of today’s hotel industry! When it comes to business, one of the most important tasks to be upheld is none other than finding a suitable property to use for the actual business itself, whether it be in its entirety or for establishing headquarters. In any case, this is one opportunity that is too huge to be disregarded.

  • Renovation 

Like any other business, there are times where an update of any form can be a bit necessary for the benefit of the business. With that said, a simple renovation can be a great opportunity to take when you want to give your establishment the upgrade it deserves. Whether it’s to add new wings, new amenities, and new features for the establishment, renovation is one of the biggest opportunities to be passed by.Of course, this is one particular opportunity that is entirely determinant based on several factors such as market reception, overall profit, and the establishment’s overall condition. Depending on how the approach is analyzed, renovating is one of the best things to consider in the industry.

  • Franchising 

More common with motels, franchising is one thing to consider when you want the establishment to expand exponentially! Franchising is also actually one of the most common business dynamics being practiced on with any industry and any field of work, which in turn can widen an establishment’s reach to a wider market. The hotel industry in the Philippines is actually one of the most competitive industries to ever thrive in the market, especially with the numerous hotel business centers around. With franchising as a major opportunity to consider, there is no doubt that this is one of the best opportunities to take advantage of.

  • Partnerships

 One of the best things about working with hotel business centers is that there are also numerous other companies you can work with, hence the importance and impact of something known as ‘partnerships’. With the numerous partnerships you can make as an establishment, there are more than enough opportunities you can take for your business.

These 4 examples are more than enough for the advancement of the industry. With any hotel business center in store, gaining profit and more opportunities for the establishment has become much easier to handle.

What to Expect When Working in the Business Side of the Hotel Industry

What to Expect When Working in the Business Side of the Hotel Industry

If there’s one thing to always consider, it would be none other than the fact that the hotel industry, especially in worldwide proportions, is more than hospitality and accommodations; in fact, the business side of the hotel industry makes up a majority of its nature and operations in general. With that said, there are numerous things to expect if you yourself happen to work on the business side of the hotel industry, such as the following:

  • Public Relations

 Public relations are something to consider when operating anything of utter importance. Since most hotels are public establishments that cater to both the locals and the tourists, it’s important that the establishment’s image and reputation are kept in check as much as possible, hence the importance of public relations. Plus, when it comes to working in public relations for the establishments, certain things such as events can be used to promote the establishment itself for an even wider or broader audience of tourists.

  • General Welfare

 Just like any other business in any industry, the general welfare of your guests and employees should be at the top of your list of concerns. While it is important to keep your guests entertained and satisfied, it’s also just as important to keep the people working for you just as satisfied as the numerous guests in your stead.

  • Service 

Another important thing to never disregard when working in the hotel industry as not only is it a common occurrence in any establishment around, it’s also one of the core values for anyone working in the industry to uphold. When it comes to this, whether you’re working on the floor or from behind the desk, service is definitely one of the most important tasks for your day-to-day itinerary.

Pros and Cons of the Hotel Business Center

Like most fields of work, there are more than enough pros and cons to consider when it comes to working for the trade. For the hotel business center, here are some of the most notable pros and cons you should consider.

  • Pros

 There are lots of advantages when it comes to working in a hotel business center. For instance, when working in a hotel business center, you can expect to monitor operations on a regular basis, which is great if you wish to make sure that your business is working fine. You can also expect a lot of opportunities (as mentioned before) to behold such as partnerships with other companies, establishments, and the like. Another pro to consider is the numerous amounts of promotion you can receive for the business – thanks to the numerous influencers around.

  • Cons 

The most important con to consider is none other than the demands to be met. Since the hotel industry can operate on a 24/7 basis, the demands to be met can increase exponentially, which in turn can affect your health and performance on the job. Other demands to consider are the demands by the customers, from the executives, and of course, the demands to be met to appease the market (or in the best case, increase the market).

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