A Guide to Choosing a Venue for Events in Quezon City



A Debutant’s Escapade: Find the Perfect Venue in Quezon City

What should you consider when looking for the perfect debut venue in Quezon City? Location, accessibility, and parking space Layout and ambiance Technicalities and other services     A daughter’s 18th birthday is one of the many occasions where she will be the highlight of the night. Thanks to tradition, […]


3 Unique Places to Go Out with Your Friends on Your Day Off

What are some of the most unique places to go out with your friends on your day off? Maginhawa Food Street Art in Island DMZ Archery Range     You may have heard about the many different places to go out with your friends on your days off. Most of […]


Best Places to Go on a Family Trip Around Event Venues in Quezon City

What are the best places to go to on a family trip around event venues in Quezon City? North Avenue Cubao X Quezon City Memorial Circle Sining Kamalig     Quezon City is home to a variety of amazing places that you might sometimes forget are there. People usually go […]


THE NAUTILUS BAR Wines and Skylines

The Nautilus Bar is a Mediterranean themed restaurant with a cozy space for light meals, snacks, cocktails throughout the afternoon and evening. The Nautilus Bar also offers a refreshing nightlife experience in a relaxed setting.

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