3 Unique Places to Go Out with Your Friends on Your Day Off


3 Unique Places to Go Out with Your Friends on Your Day Off

What are some of the most unique places to go out with your friends on your day off?

  1. Maginhawa Food Street
  2. Art in Island
  3. DMZ Archery Range



You may have heard about the many different places to go out with your friends on your days off. Most of them will consider malls, beaches, and resorts in Batangas, different hotels, or even some events venues in Quezon City. But in hindsight, these places are starting to get too repetitive for a lot of people.

Beyond the usual places to relax and have fun, there are so many other areas in the Philippines that are just waiting to be discovered and be in the spotlight as some of the best places to just hang out with your friends.

If you’re tired of your typical day out at a mall or another trip to the beach, then here is a list of some of the most unique places that are definitely a great place to hang out with your friends.



Maginhawa Food Street

Starting off the list is a relatively familiar place with many hidden gems spread across its area. Maginhawa is a famous street where many restaurants have been put up. These restaurants are not your usual diners, though—Maginhawa is comprised of a large variety of cuisines and themes that will surely tickle your fancy when it comes to food, and oftentimes your interests.

Below are some of the many unique places you’ll find in Maginhawa:


Shutter Café

For those with a passion for photography, Shutter Café is the place for you. It is primarily a photography shop with amazing aesthetics, displaying its merchandise, which is composed of some vintage cameras and photography equipment. Overall, the place is a very Instagram-friendly, with its hip and chic vibe and décor. Of course, it is still a café, and they will provide you with good food at affordable prices.


Cinema Centario

Being famous as a food street doesn’t mean the food is everything it has. Cinema Centario is a microcinema found between the many restaurants and cafes in Maginhawa. It can seat up to 65 moviegoers and primarily shows Philippine indie films. For people who adore the Filipino indie movie scene, Cinema Centario is an amazing place to go to.


Artsy Café

A must-visit café for people first-time goers in Maginhawa, this café looks very simple from the outside. However, once you enter, an array of colors and aesthetic designs will overwhelm you. It doesn’t stop there because along with its extremely attractive décor, it also serves amazing food that looks as good as it tastes.



Art in Island (Source - seektheworld.com)

(Source: seektheworld.com)

Art in Island

Found near the Cubao Expo, Art in Island is a big art installation within Quezon City. It was founded by Yun Jae Kyoung and along with a team of 18 Korean master painters that were chosen for the project, who collaborated with each other to create the amazing 3D masterpieces that are here today.

Visitors are all encouraged to be a part of the art by taking as much pictures and videos as possible—this is thanks to it being a 3D art museum.

Art in Island has a collection of different painted scenes that play with the depth perception of the eyes. The possibilities for poses are limitless. Make sure you have socks and a jacket on though because the place is fully air-conditioned and you’re required to remove your shoes before entering!



DMZ Archery Range

For friends who find solace in sports and recreational activities, there is the DMZ Archery Range, an indoor, fully air-conditioned 18m archery range in Quezon City. It is a great place to let loose some steam by just shooting arrows and having fun with your friends. For people who have never tried archery, they also offer free basic instructions so that everyone can have a try at it!

The DMZ Archery Range is a great place to hang out at, even when they’re usually jam-packed during the weekends. Even when you’re waiting for your turn to shoot some arrows, you’ll almost never get bored. The place has a small selection of board games to play while waiting, and you can just watch and listen as the players before you are being taught by the instructors.



Key Takeaway

During your days off, you should either aim to get some rest and relaxation or spend every minute enjoying life with your friends and family. If you have already gone to with the usual places people visit most of the time, try out the places mentioned above and some other places that are near some event venues in Quezon City for new and exciting experiences!

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