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5 Jun

Reasons Why Millennials Prefer Events Venues in Quezon City

What are the reasons why millennials prefer events venues in Quezon City? They can make a genuine connection with others It is a social collateral Fun for the family State-of-the-art VR gaming equipment Flexible Instagram-worthy moments     Lately, millennials have gotten a bad reputation and have been painted with […]

6 Apr

4 Tips for a Successful Event Planning in a Hotel in Quezon City

What are the tips for a successful event planning in a hotel in Quezon City? Set an objective. Have a detailed plan. Choose a venue. Manage your logistics.     Planning an event can be a difficult and stressful process. But it can also be extremely satisfying once you manage […]

22 Mar

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Boutique Hotel in Quezon City

  What are the things to consider when choosing a boutique hotel in Quezon City? Location Theme Services Offered   There are tons of hotels available in Quezon City, most of them renowned for being grand and luxurious. However, what others don’t know is that there are also lots of cheap […]

14 Mar

Events Venue in Quezon City: A Guide on the Appropriate Menu for Every Occasion

What do you need to take note of when planning the appropriate events menu? There are two types of format for serving meals – plated and buffet. Weddings can either have a buffet type of meal format of a plated type depending on the time of the reception. Most debut […]

8 Mar

7 Fun Activities to Do in the City While Staying at a Hotel in Quezon City

What fun activities can be done while staying at a hotel in Quezon City? Have a retail therapy session. Have a food trip. Go for a nature trip. Conduct a short pilgrimage. Experience life in 3D. Have a short historical field trip. Paint like Van Gogh.   One of the […]