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13 Apr

What to Expect in Budget-Friendly Hotels in Quezon City

What are the things you should expect in budget-friendly hotels in Quezon City? Safety and Security Cleanliness and Comfort Free Breakfast Internet Connection Easy Access to Transportation     While the best hotels in Manila are very well-recognized because they have the advantage of having the view of the famous […]

11 Apr

3 Things to Do for a Night Out in Quezon City

What are the things you can do for a night out in Quezon City? Eat good food. Have a drink. Listen to live music.     Quezon City is one of the more exciting cities in the Philippines in terms of nightlife. The city doesn’t seem to lack in activities […]

6 Apr

4 Tips for a Successful Event Planning in a Hotel in Quezon City

What are the tips for a successful event planning in a hotel in Quezon City? Set an objective. Have a detailed plan. Choose a venue. Manage your logistics.     Planning an event can be a difficult and stressful process. But it can also be extremely satisfying once you manage […]

4 Apr

How to Make Your Events Venue in Quezon City Look Elegant Without Breaking the Bank

How can you make your event’s venue look elegant on a budget? Have a minimalist theme. Follow a specific color palette. Design the place using lights Improvise your décor.   So you got it all planned out—the program flow, the hotel accommodation of the guests, and even the band. The […]

14 Mar

Events Venue in Quezon City: A Guide on the Appropriate Menu for Every Occasion

What do you need to take note of when planning the appropriate events menu? There are two types of format for serving meals – plated and buffet. Weddings can either have a buffet type of meal format of a plated type depending on the time of the reception. Most debut […]

12 Mar

Events Venues in Quezon City: Guidelines in Choosing a Menu

What are the guidelines when choosing an events menu? Choose the appropriate meal serving format. Take into consideration the special needs the guests. Know the overall preference of the guests. Incorporate seasonal products. Only serve dishes made with fresh ingredients.   It is indeed true that when one is planning […]