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22 Jun

Reimagining Business Centers: Modern Spaces for Business

What is inside modern hotel business centers? Inclusive space Access to a convenient lodging option High technology and facilities On-site services and amenities Fresh and contemporary interior design     Gone are the days of noisy copy machines, phones ringing off the hook, and chatty coworkers who are just borderline […]

14 Jun

Smart Tips to Remember When You’re Travelling on Business

What are the things you need to keep in mind when you are traveling on business? Make a schedule Select the right clothes Recharge your gadgets Eat and sleep right     Knowing what to do during a business trip should just be black-and-white. Picture this: you have arrived at […]

28 May

Make Your Corporate Meeting Venue More Stylish with These Design Ideas

What are the stylish design ideas you can use for your next corporate meeting venue? Art Theme – to promote creativity Construction Theme – to show growth Dapper and Elegant – to relay the message your company is ready for bigger things     Meetings can be a bit droll […]

11 May

Make Your Mother’s Day Memorable at an Events Venue in Quezon City

How can you make Mother’s Day memorable at an events venue in Quezon City? Throw a surprise theme party Prepare a buffet with her favorite dishes Use sentimental decorations for the venue Indulge her with a well-deserved staycation     Every day should be your mom’s day but on a […]

25 Apr

How Corporate Meeting Venues Cater to Business Clients

How do corporate meeting venues cater to their business clients? They offer innovative menu choices They will prepare the essentials for your meeting They provide access to quality facilities They make sure that you a conducive location for the meeting     Companies usually have a purpose or an end-goal […]

24 Apr

Events Venues in Quezon City: 8 Activities to Do After a Meeting

What are the different activities you can do after a meeting at an events venue in Quezon City? De-stress and chill in a bar. Sing your heart out at a karaoke session. Appreciate exquisite cuisine. Share Event Pictures and Videos Play challenging video games. Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Meeting […]

16 Apr

Choosing Between Traditional and Non-Traditional Corporate Meeting Venues

What are the things you need to consider when choosing between traditional and non-traditional corporate meeting venues? Guest Capacity Design of the Venue Unique Atmosphere The Menu for the Event Level of Interactive Capacities of the Venue     Organizing an event is a difficult feat and the decision of […]