Reasons Why Millennials Prefer Events Venues in Quezon City


Reasons Why Millennials Prefer Events Venues in Quezon City

What are the reasons why millennials prefer events venues in Quezon City?

  1. They can make a genuine connection with others
  2. It is a social collateral
  3. Fun for the family
  4. State-of-the-art VR gaming equipment
  5. Flexible
  6. Instagram-worthy moments



Lately, millennials have gotten a bad reputation and have been painted with a broad brush. Millennials are often accused of being entitled, narcissistic, and lazy. Millennial stereotypes, however, are just that: stereotypes. They have a large amount of influence and importance in businesses today since they are now the largest generation in the world; currently comprising more than one-third of the workforce. Not only does it make sense for businesses in Quezon City like venues for events to be millennial-minded, it is essential as well.

This is true for destinations that host guest meetings and provide accommodation like hotels as well as the professionals who plan to meet in them. Events venues and hotels must avoid dismissing millennials because they think it would be hard to deal with them, but rather embrace them as potential assets if they want to make their future events successful.

Luckily, venues in places like Quezon City do their best to cater to the ever-growing millennial population. Here are the reasons why millennials prefer events venues in Quezon City:



They Can Make a Genuine Connection with Others

Millennials often look to gatherings and events as a powerful way to connect with others in this time of deafening online chatter and political upheaval. They look to events held in venues in a city like Quezon City to give them connection because Millennials know that face-to-face experiences can never be replaced by online interactions.

Live events can help Millennials gain perspective beyond what they read or see online. They even say that connecting with others helps them make more of an impact too. In fact, there have been studies that show over a quarter of millennials attended an event supporting a cause in 2016 in light of a tumultuous election season.

Events that are held in venues in the city plays up the chance to let millennials connect and make a difference. These venues let their audience know that they too have a charitable element or they consider incorporating one if they do not already have it. Venues in this place host networking events where like-minded people can mingle.



It is a Social Collateral

It is a Social Collateral

Millennials also attend events in order to shape their identity and connect with themselves. Almost three-quarters of this group say that they attend venues to share their experience with the world and to express who they are. Nearly half of millennials, in fact, say they attend events so they have something to share on social channels.

In response, venues in Quezon City often make their events worthy of social media by creating opportunities on-site that people would want to share. They do their best to prominently display the hashtag for an event and encourage attendees to use it when they post.

There are even events venues in this place that have also started getting into live streaming because the number of millennials using social media to live stream an event is increasing. These venues encourage their guests to stream on popular apps like Instagram or Facebook Live for the chance to win a prize or even discounted tickets to the event next year. Venues in this place know that the more their guests share, the more they can promote their event and the venue itself to their fellow millennials.



Fun for the Family

A recent study has shown that over half of millennials are now parents. Because of this, two-thirds of this group are attending more daytime, family-suitable events on the weekend now than they did five years ago.

Venues in Quezon city understand that this segment that brings their kids everywhere are even more enthusiastic about sharing on social media. In fact, 61 percent of the people in this group admit to attending a live event just so they could share something on social media compared to only 34 percent of millennials without children.

Because they now have a sizable pool of potential millennial attendees with children, Quezon City venues have now considered making their events more family-friendly. They have started to create more opportunities for the whole family to bond together over a shared experience. These venues have also begun considering holding fun activities and games and even providing childcare services at their events.



State-of-the-Art VR Gaming Equipment

One of the defining characteristics of millennials is their passion for video games, whether on mobile, consoles, or on computers. Luckily for them, events venues in Quezon City have top-of-the-line virtual reality (or VR) gaming equipment that are sure to give them one heck of a time.

In today’s world, everyone can say they are in love with gaming, but not everyone can say that they have experienced the next level of fun which is virtual reality.





It is a common misconception that millennials work less than older generations. In reality, they work just as much, if not more than previous generations. Millennials do, however, work differently. Therefore, events venues that are flexible are near the top of their priorities.

As much as possible, millennials do not want to feel that they are enclosed by four walls. They like a blank canvas and a clean slate in order to get their minds going. This is why events venues in Quezon City often have windows that face streets that are bustling with activity. They also have soundproof windows that cancel the noise from outside for privacy. Their function rooms are also painted white with a dry erase wall that can also be used as a screen.

Flexibility is often incorporated into the business models of these venues because millennials want to have the ability to transform the space. They want to make it their own.



Instagram-Worthy Moments

If we’re being honest, we all know that nearly everyone has an Instagram account, regardless if you’re a celebrity or not. And while no one may want to admit it, Instagram is actually a playing field and whoever has the prettiest feed wins.

Events venues in Quezon City are simply beautiful and breathtaking and millennials are always in search for sceneries which not only give them something to remember, but images for the world to see through their Instagram accounts as well.



Key Takeaway

Savvy venues for events in Quezon City because they understand their audiences. They know that millennials would rather have an experience as opposed to simply just having an event or a meeting.

Millennials feel invested in these venues because they allow them to create a bond through memorable experiences. Because these venues take the effort to make an experience out of an event, millennials are going to prefer going to them.

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