Best Places to Go on a Family Trip Around Event Venues in Quezon City


Best Places to Go on a Family Trip Around Event Venues in Quezon City

What are the best places to go to on a family trip around event venues in Quezon City?

  1. North Avenue
  2. Cubao X
  3. Quezon City Memorial Circle
  4. Sining Kamalig



Quezon City is home to a variety of amazing places that you might sometimes forget are there. People usually go there nowadays for their work or an occasion in some random venue in Quezon City. Oftentimes, people underestimate the many places here that are very family-friendly.

It’s known to many people that Quezon City is home to some of the finest luxury hotels, the big companies, and many amazing event venues that they most likely shadow over some of the lesser known places to appreciate in it.

The next time you go to Quezon City for an event, try to check out some of the best places to go to on a family trip to. You might find your next big outing is very near.



North Avenue

North Avenue

Starting off this list is something that everyone at the north part of Manila will be very familiar with. North Avenue is home to two of the biggest malls in the region: SM North EDSA and Trinoma. These two malls are giant commercial complexes that together house a broad collection of outlets and restaurants.

They are very accessible, being along a major road, and Trinoma being connected to an LRT station. These malls serve as a central hub for shoppers and people who just want to take a stroll along air-conditioned buildings, while safely knowing that good meals are just around the corner.

Along with everything else in the area, these malls have been continually developed over the years so you’ll find no reason to keep visiting and looking at the new things in these places.



Cubao Expo

Formerly known as the Marikina Shoe Expo, this was closed down at 1997 but later redeveloped by the year 2000, now with a more artistic and hip vibe for the whole place. The Cubao Expo, or Cubao X as known by the more veteran people of the area, is filled with unique and hip stores and restaurants. There is no limit to the artistic appeal that the shops have.

Here you will find many vintage ornaments, as well as organic products that can’t be found anywhere else. Vinyl records, and old-school barbers and a relatively unique co-working space are just somethings that you’ll find that will absolutely peek your interest.



Quezon City Memorial Circle

Quezon City Memorial Circle

If your family likes to just relax and appreciate places, then going to parks such as the Quezon City Memorial Circle will fit you perfectly. This place, though lacking in finesse and luxurious activities, has a little bit of everything. It is the perfect place for jogging, biking, or just a stroll around.

The most visited part of this place is, of course, the mausoleum at the middle where the former President, Manuel L. Quezon lies alongside his wife and First Lady Aurora Quezon.

The area is littered with kiosks that sell an assortment of items, particularly street food. It is the perfect place to get some peace and relaxation, except on the weekend, because of how crowded it can get.



Sining Kamalig

Sining Kamalig is an art gallery found inside Ali Mall, Araneta Center that showcases the best of contemporary art in the Philippines. As time went on, it has become home to the works of some of the country’s finest artists.

Sining Kamalig was founded and owned by sisters Vida Balboa and Corita Kalaw in 1972, and it aims to promote local art all around the Philippines. Because of this, many great and famous Filipino artists have collaborated with them. Sining Kamalig has once become a hub of artistic heritage and expression for artists in the Philippines.

This place is basically a democratic space that can be used by any artist to express their art within the Philippines and beyond. It also aims to develop strong artistic cravings for those who wish to do so.

It is also the home of Shop6, a group of conceptual artists invited by the owners to use the space as they experiment with their own type of artistry.

The art gallery does not run out of exhibits and it is changed by the season.



Key Takeaway

Quezon City is filled with so much diversity that there will always be something to do wherever you go. Even when they are overshadowed by skyscrapers and other famous venues in Quezon City, there will always be some hidden gems that the family can enjoy together spread out all over the city. If you’re planning a family trip, try one of the destinations above and see just how amazing Quezon City really is.

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