Make Your Mother’s Day Memorable at an Events Venue in Quezon City


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How can you make Mother’s Day memorable at an events venue in Quezon City?

  • Throw a surprise theme party
  • Prepare a buffet with her favorite dishes
  • Use sentimental decorations for the venue
  • Indulge her with a well-deserved staycation



Every day should be your mom’s day but on a special occasion, you should prepare a little extra something to make all her efforts in keeping your home worthwhile. The family is always the reason behind a mother’s radiant smile but to see them all gather in her honor would result in a gleeful grin as well as tears of pure joy.

Throwing a party at corporate meeting venues may seem unconventional but it will be the perfect place to host one because of the size and capabilities it can deliver.

It’s a good thing that there are event venues which will cater to this very purpose. Great decoration ideas, soulful music, and delicious food are the only things missing for a bash that is like no other. Moms deserve the best and it can be achieved by a partnership with affordable hotels in Manila that are sure to make this event a memorable one.

Puzzled on how to do that? Read on below for tips on how to make this Mother’s Day the best one yet:



Throw a Surprise Theme Party

This will be a great way to show your love and appreciation for your mom and it is the perfect chance to bond with your family. Planning a surprise party should be well-thought of especially since it is for one of the most important people in your life.

Choose a theme that your mom will love. If she is a theater buff, you can opt to throw a Broadway-themed party, or if she loves pets, then invite your guests to bring their own.

You have to start with the basics when planning your party. Make a guest list composed of all your mom’s relatives and close friends. Of course, you and your siblings (if any) should be the most important presences there. Make the party more fun by performing a special number with your siblings to make your mom laugh.

Choose a date and make sure that your mom doesn’t get suspicious with all the plans you’re going to do. Figure out how you are going to reveal the party to your mom and make sure that it is elaborate enough to make it memorable.



Prepare a Buffet

Prepare a Buffet with Her Favorite Dishes

Since you would be doing it at a hotel, you might as well enjoy the delicious food selections that they will offer. Consult with the staff if they have food choices that your mom considers favorites or if not, variations of the dishes will do. This will make not only your mom’s heart happy but her tummy as well. It is her day so why not spoil her with food?

Consider the time in which your party will be held because this will determine if the menu choices will align with the event. Planning to throw a surprise brunch for your mom? Opt for hearty and delicious dishes. For a mom who is always on the end of preparing dishes, this will be a pleasant gesture.

Plan the menu and make sure that the guests also agree with your choices. For drinks, decide if you are going to have alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks for your mom and her friends. A great wine will be the perfect addition to the menu for when you toast your appreciation for your mom and all the love she has showered you.



Use Sentimental Decorations for the Venue

Decorating your events venue is a chance for you to have fun and think of what your mom would prefer for the event. Keeping the decorations simple will include balloons, streamers, or just a banner but sentimental decorations are another thing you should consider. Instead of simple pieces, you can choose pieces that are of interest to your mother. If she likes to sing, put on decorations like a make-shift mic or better yet, set up a karaoke machine.

Remember how your mom would compile pictures of you as you were growing up? Use this to make sentimental decorations that are of value. Old photo albums are a great source for sentimental decorations. Hang up the photographs around the venue for her to reminisce about the good times that your family had. Photos from your vacations or events will be a great way to highlight the event you have planned.

Better yet, make a slideshow or a short film using these photos or you can make a skit with your family members. Photos and videos of your mother will be great additions as well.



Indulge Her with a Well-Deserved ‘Staycation’

Indulge Her with a Well-Deserved ‘Staycation’

There is no doubt that everyone will get really tired after the event has finished. As a solution, you could book a suite overnight or for the entire weekend. For sure, your mom will appreciate this gesture as all she had to do to lay her head after the event is over is go to her designated room.

Introduce her to the concept of ‘staycation’—which is very trendy for the younger generation. This gift will surely make your Mother’s Day weekend so much more memorable!



Key Takeaway

Every Mother’s Day should be memorable but make sure that you will show appreciation to your mother not only on this day but on all the other days as well. A hotel is a suitable place for a surprise party on this special day since you can enjoy the different amenities it can offer.

The best sidekick, provider, caring person, and best friend you can ever ask for deserves prime treatment. Make your mom feel like a queen and give her a day which she will never forget.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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