Make Your Corporate Meeting Venue More Stylish with These Design Ideas


Make Your Corporate Meeting Venue More Stylish with These Design Ideas

What are the stylish design ideas you can use for your next corporate meeting venue?

  1. Art Theme – to promote creativity
  2. Construction Theme – to show growth
  3. Dapper and Elegant – to relay the message your company is ready for bigger things



Meetings can be a bit droll in a gray setting. The solution to this is injecting life into your corporate meeting venue with fun and stylish design ideas. Knowing how to enhance the look of your venue would be a big step in making the event a success. Having a theme or design for your venue will be a great way to break the ice and it will smoothen the process of meeting your company’s agenda for that day.

Whether it is organized in a grand ballroom somewhere in Manila or at a cheap hotel in Quezon City, these design ideas will surely liven up the gathering and you can also use it to your advantage as well as in terms of functionality.

Incorporating theme pieces, which are meaningful to the meeting, can come in the form of décor or perhaps in the form of venue. Using unconventional themes for your corporate meeting may sound far out but it is ideal if you want to make the event as memorable as possible.

Taking the meeting to a venue other than the usual office conference room is a unique take on having new experiences with the team and in the future, this will help in recalling details of the meeting because of their distinct themes.

Here are the design ideas that you can use for your next meeting, together with some instructions, that you might want to consider:


Art Theme

Art Theme

There is no better way to be inspired to create than being surrounded by large bouts of creativity. Your design will be inspired by different artworks that everyone has come to know and love. This will be a way to squeeze out the creative juices of your team and it will also be a relaxing recreational activity to appreciate art. Have elegant looking décor fit for a masterpiece of an event and present your ideas as tastefully as possible.

This will be related to the corporate meeting’s values on teaching, hard work, and passion to craft something that is deserving of everybody’s praise. Using this in a corporate setting would not be a problem because art is an all-around versatile design piece.

You would look at your meeting in a completely different light and this will result to an event influenced by the many works of artists which you may use as a motivation for your team to instill the same passion, creativity, and dedication for their work.

This is suitable for those industries in the creative fields that will be a way to make them think about long-term goals and if they want to achieve more than the famous artists before them.



Construction Theme

When offering training or having teambuilding activities to promote a constructive team relationship, this theme would be a perfect way to subtly hint at the expectations of the company in terms of construction of relationships.

When you read about this theme, you might automatically think of hard hats and heavy tools. But for this event venue design idea, this will be a symbolic term for pushing the company towards growth.

This theme is commonly used for launching a new product or if there are slight changes in the company process. You can ask for the cooperation of your team by asking them to dress for the occasion, maybe as architects or engineers; they may even play simulation games that help them become less uptight in the whole duration of the event.

Build the theme with construction toys and tools. Don’t forget it is important to use metallic colors for your event. This theme would be even more convincing if it is set in a building with beautiful architectural designs, luckily for you, there are many cheap hotels in Quezon City that display these characteristics.



Dapper and Elegant

Dapper and Elegant

New business opportunities, as well as finding solutions to challenging business issues, can be done in style. Even if it is just an excuse to dress nicely, a black-tie event is a way to make a corporate meeting a stylish one. Think James Bond, but with the mission to deal with challenging corporate strategies.

The elegance that comes with a formal corporate event will complement the venue design that the organizer will have prepared. The best décor for this venue is posh colors that imply luxury (e.g. purple and royal blue).



Key Takeaway

In order to make your corporate meeting venue stylish, you need to have a balance in your event design. Overdoing it would be too tacky and putting too little décor will look plain, which could be off-putting for anyone planning to attend the event.

In the end, just make sure that the design of the venue will be on par with the whole agenda of the meeting. By doing so, it will make sense to the guests and to your teammates as well.

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