The Unparalleled Qualities of the Hotels in Quezon City_COVER

The Unparalleled Qualities of the Hotels in Quezon City

There are a plethora of hotels that have been established in the Philippines. Some of these hotels date back from the early days of Philippine civilization and have acquired a rich history, while some are built during the present decade. These hotels have already served thousands of hotel guests that range from local Filipinos to foreigners who originated from other countries and even continents.

The hotels in Quezon City have already catered to numerous guests for reasons such as leisure or even convenient lodging. There is a wide variety hotel option that can surely suit what anyone is looking for.

For those with a tight budget, there are plenty of affordable hotels that can still provide impeccable service and have incredible amenities. While those who are in search of a particular ambiance for relaxation, there are hotels constructed in the style of the Victorian era. On the other hand, there are some hotels that reflect the modernist approach to the design of the current time.

A specific city that has great resident hotels is in Quezon City.

The hotels in Quezon City are considered to be top notch and provides excellent services. If you want to know more about hotels, then read on. In this article, the qualities of a great hotel and how to properly behave inside a hotel will be tackled.

Characteristics of A Good Hotel

Characteristics of A Good Hotel
Before a hotel can be regarded as “great” there are a few standards that should be met. Here are some qualities of hotels that can provide guests the best possible experience.

  • Clean Surroundings This may be a characteristic that is evident not just at great hotels, but at all of the hotels. Initially, a clean hotel is more appealing to the eye of the guests and it is important to maintain the tidiness because it can also be integrated with the overall sanitation of the hotel.After a long and tiring day of sight-seeing, hotel guests expect to relax in a spotlessly clean room, a hotel room with an opposite condition will merely aggravate the hotel guests. For optimum relaxation of the guest, the sheets should be assembled well and if possible, the pillows should be fluffed for to achieve maximum softness.There should be a consistent spotlessness throughout the various areas of the hotel room, not just in the sleeping area. Most hotels have carpeted floors where dirt could easily build up. This aspect of the room must be regularly cleaned since there may be some guests who prefer to walk barefoot or families have toddlers that are still crawling. Aside from the potential hazard or poor sanitation to the health of the guest, the hotel’s image is also at stake since guests might detect the dirt build up.Some hotel rooms have a sitting area with a couch and a coffee table, and thorough cleaning of this area must be done because guests hang around this area during the day or in between activities.The cleanliness and orderliness should be evidently maintained not just inside the hotel rooms but also in the other parts of the hotel. The curb appeal of the hotel also depends on the condition of the exterior, and this includes the street right in from of the main entrance. Even the potholes on the street by the entrance can affect the overall aesthetic of the hotel’s exterior. Another exterior concern should be the parking lot and the linings that should be re striped every year.
  • Accessible Location An ideal location is one that is near the various tourist destination in the area. Though it does not have to be just a walking distance from the tourist spots, a short drive away will do.If the hotel’s location is far away from the famous landmarks, having public transportation terminals nearby is definitely a selling point especially for guests that did not avail any rental cars. For hotels that are far away from both the tourist spots and public transportation stations, a complimentary shuttle can entice possible guests.The hotels in Quezon City are exceptionally near the various places to visit in the city, and the commuting is made easy by the various public transportation available.
  • Activities Parents and guardians can relax more and enjoy themselves better if the children are occupied by several activities provided by the hotel. These can be either an entertainment or educational show, it can even be both. Several specific activities for children can be a workshop in arts and crafts, a magic show, or a campfire party.
  • Value-added Bonuses With the various options, there is on the market nowadays, guests consider which hotel can provide the most value to the price of the stay. These added values can be in the form of a free breakfast, free parking, free rent of a crib, or an extra mattress.
  • Amenities Since the goal of hotels is to provide comfort and relaxation for the guests, items or details that should be included in a hotel room are HD TV with cable connection, deluxe hygiene products and in-room coffee and tea station.Another must have that is evident in the hotels in Quezon City is a fully functioning exercise facility that is packed with the necessary equipment.With the toughening competition among various hotels in Quezon City, a simple pool would not do the trick. Nowadays several aspects of waterparks such as multi-level slides or water cannons are also incorporated with the aquatic amenities. The slides are sure to be a hit with the children and soft waterfalls or fountains can provide a soft aquatic massage for the adults.For a more convenient entertainment at the end of a long day, it is ideal to have a coffee shop for some espresso and a bar for some shots inside of the hotel.
  • Wi-Fi Connection Wi-Fi connection is important for staying connected, it is even more so for travelers who need to update their family members at home.A number of hotels provide free Wi-Fi connection but only until a certain public area like the main lobby. Such limited connection is not convenient for the guest, especially those who need to have a private video call.Wi-Fi is also a convenient way to search the route to the various tourist destinations. The hotels guest can easily search for their route in the comfort of their hotel rooms if there is Wi-Fi inside.
  • Accommodating Staff Hotel guests can easily forget the amenities or the food served to them. Guests can mix up the different hotels they have stayed at, but what guests will never forget is the great treatment that the hotel staff has provided them.The numerous personnel at the different hotels in Quezon City are genuinely hospitable towards their guests.There are various ways that a hotel staff can provide guests with a memorable experience, but the initial way is by the genuine smile they show.Another way for the staff to show their hospitality is by providing the guest honest feedback regarding the nearby establishments and famous tourist sites. Inside information regarding the best restaurants or the fastest and most convenient route are some of the pieces of advice that hotel staff can provide.The warmth and concern of hotel personnel can also be seen when they still accommodate the guest regarding concerns that are not part of their job description.One example is when a guest’s flight is canceled while the hotel is fully booked yet they made arrangements for the guest on a nearby lodging.

Hotel Etiquettes That Guests Must Know and Practice

Hotel Etiquettes That Guests Must Know and Practice

There is a proper behavior for every occasion and every setting and same goes for staying at a hotel in Quezon City.

For future reference, here are some manners that hotel guests must know.

  • Check in at the scheduled time An early arrival is alright, but the reserved room may still be under preparation. That is why hotel guests who arrived early should wait patiently until the preparations are done and do not make a scene.
  • Be gracious Despite the fact the hotel guest paid for their stay, that does not entitle them to excessively demanding from the hotel staff. Only call for room service if it is important and don’t rush the staff, especially if there are multiple requests. Also, make sure to thank the staff afterward
  • Dress up for the occasion When packing the ensembles for the trip, always choose the style of clothing that will blend in with the type of hotel you are staying at.Also, take note that even if the hotel has a pool on the rooftop, a guest should still avoid walking around the corridors in just a pair of bikinis with an extremely sheer cover-up. A hotel is still considered as a public place, that is why waltzing around the hallway and lobby in just a swimsuit are still considered as a fashion faux pa. A simple t-shirt and shorts over the swimsuit is modest enough for the public to see.Always remember that it is socially acceptable to answer the door while wearing a bathrobe, but answering it while wearing just underwear is not.
  • Dry up before leaving the pool area In relation to swimming at a hotel, make sure to dry off before entering the hallway and most especially the elevator. Doing so will show one’s respect towards the other hotel guests and could even prevent accidental slipping from the puddles.
  • Do not make a mess Even though guests paid for the room and accommodations, that does not mean that their tidiness will stay at home. Guest should still tidy up their belongings and keep it in a particular area. If a change of clothes needs to be laid out, use the couch or table instead of the bed. The housekeeping department in some hotels is required to tidy up the bed.
  • Be considerate of other hotel guests Individuals, couples, or even families would stay at a hotel in Quezon City to relax and unwind but they won’t be able to do so if there are children causing a ruckus in the hallways, or if the television of the guest next door is too loud.Some hotels allow dogs as guests, make sure that he or she is happy and contented because doing so will prevent any howling an barking that could disturb the other guest on the same floor.
  • Do not cause a scene Some hotels in Quezon City have bars where guest can have a toast or a few shots. But, that does not entitle guests to get drunk and start a riot. A brawl is not only troublesome to patch up but also costly especially if it took place at a hotel with expensive furnishings.

The Best Hotel Experience You Can Get at Prime Hotel

Prime Hotel is the epitome of an excellent hotel with the hassle-free experience they provide their hotel guests.

Hotel guests can adjust their schedule better with the 24-hour accommodation, this also This includes the reception and checking in. This feature is beneficial to tourists who are arriving in the city during the night.

For hotel guest that are coming from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport will no longer be burdened with traveling from the airport to the hotel with their heavy luggage because a transfer request can be requested prior to the scheduled trip.

Another hotel feature that is sure to serve the guest well is the free access to a high-speed Wi-Fi connection. Travelers will no longer have a problem trying to contact their relatives for an update. Social media savvy guest can easily update their accounts regarding their stay and overall trip.

Prime Hotel also has a state-of-the-art gym facility for guests who do not want to disrupt their training schedule. Like any modern hotel, Prime hotel has 3 in-house function halls that are complete with WIFI connection, audio-visual equipment, and even seating options.

Drive now to Prime Hotel because the excellent staff at the best hotel in Quezon City is waiting to provide you with a world-class hotel experience! Click here and learn more about Prime Hotel.

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