7 Fun Activities to Do in the City While Staying at a Hotel in Quezon City


What fun activities can be done while staying at a hotel in Quezon City?

  1. Have a retail therapy session.
  2. Have a food trip.
  3. Go for a nature trip.
  4. Conduct a short pilgrimage.
  5. Experience life in 3D.
  6. Have a short historical field trip.
  7. Paint like Van Gogh.


One of the characteristics of hotels in Quezon City is their capability to provide an impeccable service to their guests, along with the amenities that the establishment has. However, people have the tendency to check-in at an affordable hotel in Manila and then get bored easily.

Looking for ways to combat boredom? Here are some fun activities that you can do around Quezon City!


Shop Until You Drop

 Shop Until You Drop

Are you staying at an affordable hotel in Manila and you need a new bikini for the pool party? Or is your teenage daughter in a rush to go to the bookstore and buy the latest book of her favorite novel series?

If there is any immediate product that you need to buy, don’t worry! You may have noticed that the hotels in Quezon City are surrounded by numerous shopping malls that will definitely cater to whatever you need. You name it, these malls definitely have it!

Whether you prefer affordable options or high-end brands, these malls surely have the products for everyone (and for every budget). Then again, even if you don’t have a specific item needed, a little retail therapy can surely work wonders.


Relive the Past of the Philippines

Since you are already checked-in at one of the hotels in Quezon City, you might as well pay a visit to the abode of the late president whom the city was named after.

Even though the historical establishment is merely a replica of the late President’s villa, it was still able to capture and recreate the beauty of the Philippines during the 1940s. A short field trip about a part of the Philippine history is a fun way to educate your children about the country.


Food Trip!

There are a number of things that Quezon City is known for, one of which is for their food!

This city is surrounded by food districts where an innumerable quantity of food trucks and restaurants serve savory, flavorful, and mouth-watering dishes line the streets. Whether you are craving for a thin crust pizza or a double-pound meat burger, then this city in the Metro would definitely satisfy your cravings!


Take a Nature Hike

Take a Nature Hike

If you want a quick escape from the bustling noises of the city, then taking a trip to the La Mesa Eco Park is your best bets!

Strolling along the pathways lined with flowering plants will sure to provide mental relaxation. Plus, there are several other activities that could be done inside this tranquil haven such as hiking or swimming!


Have a 3D Experience

Experience life in 3D by going to a museum that is full of interactive artworks! If you love optical illusions and taking selfies (or groupies with your friends), then take out your mono-pod because this mind-boggling museum encourages their visitors to take pictures. You can even use props to make your picture even more realistic and confusing!


Go for a Short Pilgrimage

 Go for a Short Pilgrimage

You don’t have to go to promise land just so you can say that you went on a pilgrimage. Try to visit the churches that are often open and available for visiting. These churches are not only good for your spiritual journey with the Lord, hence, it also reflects the religious history of the country.

You’re also in for a visual treat since most of these religious establishments have exquisite facades that blend well into the breathtaking interior of the church.


Paint Like a Master

Have you ever wanted to learn how to recreate the masterpieces of Van Gogh or just come close to resembling his works?

You can definitely do that while staying at an affordable hotel in Manila while sipping on your favorite red or white wine! The resident painters will guide you on the techniques that you need to know when recreating the famous paintings of Van Gogh.


Key Takeaway

With these fun activities, you are sure that every minute of your stay in the best hotel in Quezon City will be worthwhile! Give these activities a try and you are sure that your stay at the hotel will be more enjoyable!

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