What to Expect in Budget-Friendly Hotels in Quezon City


What to Expect in Budget-Friendly Hotels in Quezon City

What are the things you should expect in budget-friendly hotels in Quezon City?

  1. Safety and Security
  2. Cleanliness and Comfort
  3. Free Breakfast
  4. Internet Connection
  5. Easy Access to Transportation



While the best hotels in Manila are very well-recognized because they have the advantage of having the view of the famous Manila sunset, there is a good amount of hotels and events venues in Quezon City as well.

Five-star hotels are at the top when it comes to amenities, luxury factor, and overall quality of service, but there will be times when you need to stay at a fantastic hotel but are on a tight budget. There isn’t anything wrong with this, as sometimes, the most basic accommodations are really all you need.

The fancy lighting, elegant ballrooms, and fancy cooking certainly help in achieving those 5 stars, but there are 5 important things that are at the very core of good hotels—even the budget ones. As urbanized as Quezon City may be, it has its fair share of budget hotels around the area. Before checking into one, though, there are some things to consider.

Here are the 5 things you should expect in budget-friendly hotels in Quezon City.



Safety and Security

Safety and Security

This is the first and foremost expectation a hotel, or any establishment for that matter, must be able to meet. There is no point in having fancy chandeliers and grand staircases in a hotel if the people inside are at a constant risk.

The safety of a hotel guest must be prioritized before anything else. If it is a budget hotel, all the more reason to, as there’s a probability that it is located in an unstable neighborhood or block.

CCTVs and other surveillance devices are helpful but aren’t enough on their own. There must be an armed guard at all times by the door, ready to contain any potential situation.



Cleanliness and Comfort

It’s perfectly understandable for a budget hotel room not to have a huge TV or a bear rug, and these luxuries won’t matter as long as it is clean and well-maintained and is comfortable enough for the guests to have a good night’s sleep in.

Cleanliness is an absolute must. All guests are different from each other—some are very resistant to diseases, while some get severe allergy attacks upon inhalation of the smallest amount of dust. Guest or no guest, the rooms must be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

The room must also be able to provide the guest the essentials for a comfortable stay, such as

  • a soft bed, even if it isn’t large,
  • extra pillows and blankets,
  • an air conditioning unit, and
  • a restroom with plumbing.

The more important concern here is cleanliness as failure to keep even one of the rooms clean may result in guests getting sick. Comfort comes later, but by no means is it unimportant.



Free Breakfast

Free Breakfast

All overnight stays at a hotel come with a free breakfast. After all, no one wants to wake up hungry and has to travel just to eat.

The meals in a budget hotel do not have to be gourmet meals. Simple and easily prepared breakfast meals like bacon and eggs or pancakes are enough, as long as they are cooked and served properly.



Reliable Cellular Coverage Internet Connection

Cellular coverage is one of the things that could save you in case of an emergency. Everyone carries a phone with them everywhere they go, and staying in a place without coverage is like asking for trouble.

Malls, fast food chains, coffee shops—you name it, they all have Internet connections. Today is the age of digital media, and the Internet isn’t used only for entertainment purposes; it’s also used for business, and business requires continuous operation. The Internet is a must.

Granted that it’s a budget hotel, the Internet doesn’t need to be fast enough to download movies. A stable connection without sudden disconnections and constant speed will suffice.



Easy Access to Transportation

Easy Access to Transportation

There is a pretty good likelihood that a budget hotel doesn’t have its own parking space. In this case, it’s very important that there is an easy access to transportation within the vicinity.

Budget hotels are quite commonly found near tourist spots, which happen to be riddled with towering five-star hotels everywhere. They are there to provide an alternate option to tourists who want to take a tour for a few days and just need a bed and a roof during the few days that they are there.

Transport vehicles don’t necessarily have to pass by in front of the main door. A 5- to 10-minute walk to the nearest station is acceptable. There is also the option of booking private car rides, so the area must not be too hard to locate.



Key Takeaway

There will be times when you will have to stay at a budget hotel. They do not offer the same level of service that five-star hotels do, but they should still be able to provide the essential facilities and services.

Free breakfast, an Internet connection, and easy access to transportation are all important as well, but always put security, cleanliness, and cellular signal for emergencies before anything else.

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