3 Things to Do for a Night Out in Quezon City


What are the things you can do for a night out in Quezon City?

  1. Eat good food.
  2. Have a drink.
  3. Listen to live music.



Quezon City is one of the more exciting cities in the Philippines in terms of nightlife. The city doesn’t seem to lack in activities that can be done after a long day at work or at school. If you are in Manila looking for a good time, then make sure to check out a few event venues in Quezon city.

Eat a nice meal at a great restaurant, have a relaxing drink with your friends, and enjoy some of the best hotels Manila has to offer. Here is a list of 3 things you can do on a night out in Quezon City.



Eat good food.

Eat good food.

 You won’t have to look too hard or too far to find a great place in Quezon City where you can eat. The city is a hub for new and exciting places to eat with your friends, as well as a place to enjoy some traditional fare with your family.

Listed below are some of the recommended restaurants you can try out:


Casa Marcos Restaurant.

Casa Marcos restaurant dates all the way back from the 1940s and continues to delight foodies and families alike with its classic Spanish-Filipino and Mediterranean tapas fusion.

The intimate brasserie-style interior, even after various renovations and incarnations, perfectly complements the relaxed and refined atmosphere of the entire restaurant. The headline dishes from their ambitious menu include paella and the Filipino staple, sisig. They also have an equally ambitious wine and cocktail menu to accompany their excellent food.


Somethin’ Fishy.

If you love all-you-can-eat restaurants but don’t want to pay too much to enjoy them, then Somethin’ Fishy is the perfect place for you.

What makes this restaurant stand out from other buffet restaurants is that they start serving the food from midnight and lasts it throughout the entire day. There are more than 20 different Filipino dishes to choose from, from daing na bangus to chicken adobo to beef mami.

Affordable prices and accommodating hours make this restaurant an absolute must when visiting Quezon City.



Have a drink

Have a drink.

Nothing beats a night filled with good drink and good company. If you just want to have a relaxing chat with your friends—accompanied by the best drinks available—then Quezon City is the perfect place to do so. Check out some of these places:


Nautilus Bar.

Located on the rooftop of Prime Hotel, Nautilus Bar boasts a collection of whiskey that would surely excite connoisseurs. The bar also offers delicious bar fare like roast beef, nachos, and cheeseburgers. Drinks and cocktails are high-quality yet affordable and served right on time.

Another thing Nautilus Bar is known for is its amazing city view. Because Prime Hotel is located right at the heart of Quezon City, you can appreciate a breathtaking view of the city while having your drink.

Lastly, customer service is also top-notch, so if you are planning to stay at Prime Hotel, be sure to visit Nautilus Bar.


The Distillery.

The Distillery is the place-to-be for Quezon City’s fashionable social set.

Because it is located right in the middle of the busy Eastwood Citywalk, it is one of the major hangout choices by different kinds of people. The Distillery often finds itself filled early in the night with a fun and exciting party atmosphere.

It is also the watering hole of choice for serious drinkers, especially with its vast range of malt whiskeys, premium beers, and cocktails.

Dance the night away with awesome party tunes at the Distillery the next time you are in Quezon City!



Listen to live music.

Listen to live music.

Filipinos are known for their musical acumen; that is, giving visitors the option to listen to their favorite songs or genre live—no matter how obscure their music choice might be.

You can even enjoy a good meal and a drink as talented performers play your favorite tunes all night long! Some places in Quezon City where you can enjoy listening to live music are:


Ka Freddie’s Music Bar and Restaurant.

You might find yourself wondering why this grungy bar is almost always full to the brim if this place happened to be included in your bar crawl that night.

Ka Freddie’s Music Bar & Restaurant, as the name suggests, is famous thanks mostly to the star quality of its host, Freddie Aguilar. The Pinoy music legend whips up the crowds into a frenzy of adulation while his offspring and other guest bands play alongside him.

They play seven nights of the week, belting out both popular Filipino and Western classics. Kick off your night in Quezon City with a legend, an electric atmosphere, and free-flowing beer!


Cowboy Grill.

This place usually attracts a diverse crowd of pre-clubbing and after-work groups because of its unpretentious and early evening pre-party atmosphere.

If you are keen on indulging in a vibrant mix of drinking and live music, as well as a hearty fusion of Tex-Mex and Filipino-style dishes, then Cowboy Grill is the spot for you!

Every night, three different live bands take the stage for a seemingly nonstop entertainment until the early hours. You can also avail special all-inclusive food and drink promotions most nights of the week.



Key Takeaway

Aside from being a stunning choice for an events venue, Quezon City is also a lively and exciting place to enjoy your night. Even if you are already staying in the best hotels in Manila or nearby, make an effort to check out everything that this great city has to offer!

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