A Guide to Choosing a Venue for Events in Quezon City

A Guide to Choosing a Venue for Events in Quezon City

Events are being conducted on a daily basis, whether it’s a full-blown corporate event with thousands of attendees or a personal, more intimate one, such as a wedding or a debut, where only the closest relatives and friends are invited.
Whatever the event is, it’s essential that you prepare for it adequately and that you make it memorable. One way of doing this is by choosing the best venue in Quezon City for your events.
If this is your first time booking a venue, however, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. After all, how do you even choose? What are the factors you need to consider? How do you know which venue is most suitable for your event?
These are just some of the questions that might be swirling in your head right now. Don’t worry; this post will help you get started in selecting the most appropriate place to hold your special occasion.

Here’s a guide in choosing an events venue in Quezon City.

What Are the Most Common Types of Personal and Social Events?

Before diving into the tips on how to choose a venue, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the most usual types of events first.
To begin, there are the events that fall under the personal and social category.
Of course, you’re familiar with these. Who isn’t? Personal and social events, after all, are a part of everyone’s life—from childhood to adulthood—and the people involved always ensure that these occasions are celebrated in the extraordinary way that they deserve, which might include booking an exquisite events venue in Quezon City.
Here are some of the most common types of personal and social events.

  • Weddings
  • Family Reunions
  • Baptism
  • Birthdays
  • Debutante Ball
  • Anniversaries
  • Cocktail Parties

What Are the Most Common Types of Corporate Events?

Corporate events are often held in resort hotels, city hotels (particularly those in Quezon City), conference centers, restaurants, country clubs, and convention centers—but ultimately, corporate events are held in all types of venues imaginable.
Needless to say, these corporations, companies, and organizations place prime importance on venues. At times, they even go to the lengths of hiring event planners or signing contracts with event planning agencies, just to ensure that their event will flow as smoothly as possible. However, smaller companies often just deal with the planning themselves.
Whether it’s in a corporate environment, nonprofit, or government, here are some of the most common types of corporate events:

  • Seminars and Conferences These events have a target audience in mind. Their main purpose is to provide their attendees with information on certain topics.
    Seminars are fairly short—that is, they usually last for a couple of hours or just a single workday. They may have single or several speakers. On the other hand, conferences normally have several sessions that take place simultaneously. These target different interests, positions, roles, or skill levels. Conferences often last half a day, although there are some that span to two days or even longer.
  • Trade Shows Trade shows are typically attended by organizations that have lead generation in mind. Aside from the companies and organization, most of the attendees are members, customers, prospects, and suppliers.
  • Appreciation Events  These events allow the host to spend a casual and enjoyable time with guests, allowing the two parties to strengthen their connection and learn more about their business priorities.
    Appreciation events can be about employee appreciation or client appreciation, and the other stuff that falls in between.
    These programs are virtually boundless, and planners are free to organize the event in any way they want. It’s not limited to the traditional set-up of formal dinners or meetings!
  • Company or Organization Milestones These events give business or organizations an opportunity to commemorate grand openings, anniversaries, and other significant anniversaries.
    The scope of the guests varies. It may be limited to the employees only. In other instances, it can also include the clients, or the community in which the company is a part of.
  • Product Launch Events As with many other events, a product launch also differs in scale. It may only be an internal product launch, which means that only the members of the company or organization. It may also be an extravagant and full-sized product launch parties that are designed to attract the attention of the customers and the media.
  • Board Meetings and Shareholder Meetings These meetings, as you might expect, are extremely serious in nature.
    In board meetings, board members convene to assess business performance, meet with company executives, and make relevant decisions.
    On the other hand, in shareholder meetings, companies discuss with their shareholders regarding recent performance, targets, future goals, and business strategies.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing a Venue for Events in Quezon City?

There are several factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing a venue for your events in Quezon City. These things are essential to the success of your event, and, as the cliché goes, can either make or break it.
As with any endeavor, it’s important that you do your homework first—that is, you need a great deal of research and preparation. You don’t want to dive into decision-making when you barely have any idea on the task at hand! That’s a formula for disaster.
Make sure that you’re fully equipped with knowledge. Here are some of the primary factors you need to consider when choosing an event venue:

  • Type of Event The sort of event you’re planning to have should be your chief concern. After all, different kinds of events will require their own respective types of space. The space, needless to say, should cater to every need of the event. For one, personal events are immensely different from corporate events. Additionally, there are certain aspects that you also need to keep in mind, such as décor, lighting, and so on, as these things can dramatically impact the overall feel and appearance of the venue. If you can, look up some pictures of the venue during an event, so that you’ll have a better idea on how it looks like.
  • Expected Number of Guests or Attendees Now you don’t want to forget something as essential as this. The number of guests and attendees, after all, is one thing you’ll always have to go back to when making decisions—there’s the space and your budget, for one.
    The space should suffice for your guests. If the venue is a bit too small, then your attendees will feel uncomfortable. The space is too cramped and crowded, as though they don’t have any more room to move around. On the other hand, if the venue is too spacious, your guests might end up feeling isolated and ignored.
  • Location When choosing the location of your venue, ensure that it’s an area that’s accessible to most of your guests. Consider the attendees who have no private vehicles—can the venue be easily reached via commute and public transportation?
    Speaking of vehicles, you need to think of the parking too. Is the parking lot of the venue sufficient?
    Bearing in mind the location can dramatically enhance your response and attendance rate.
  • Budget Of course, the budget is an important factor. Event planning, unfortunately, doesn’t come cheap. Before you begin concocting elaborate plans and arrangements, you first need to ponder on whether everything fits right in your budget.
    Some of the venue-related expenditures are the following:

    • Facility
    • Food and beverage
    • Equipment rentals (if any)
    • Staffing needs
    • Office services
    • Payment options

If you can, check out multiple venues and see which of the pricing best fits within your budget. Also, don’t forget to wield your negotiating powers, as this will allow you to get the best possible deal.
Furthermore, take advantage of discounts, if any.

  • Food and Beverage When looking for a venue, you should also consider if the place can provide catering services, as this will infinitely make things much more fuss-free for you.
    Additionally, you might also want to confirm if the venue is allowed to serve alcoholic beverages.
    If the venue doesn’t have catering services, then you can inquire about outside food and drink services; and simply ask if they’re permitted to work inside the venue (and if there are any extra fees).
  • Décor Décor is one of the best ways of customizing your space, as well as changing the overall appearance and ambience of the venue. Your décor should effectively communicate the message and theme of the event to your guests.
    If you want to be completely certain that your décor can excellently convey the tone of the event, then make sure to get someone who really comprehends what your brand is and what this event is meant to do.
  • Layout and Signage Aside from décor, other features such as layout (which includes seating and table arrangements) and signage can also make an impact on your event. This rings especially true when you think about how people will move around the area.
  • Facilities and Equipment Facilities and equipment can be considered an extension of the budget discussion. You will need to list down all the equipment that you might need, such as: chairs and tables, utensils, dishes, tablecloths, decorations, visual and audio equipment, electrical supplies, lighting, and so on.
    After formulating your list, check out which of these facilities are already available in the venue, or which of the equipment they won’t be able to accommodate.
    You might also need to verify if they have internet connection (as well as if it’s reliable). This is even more important for corporate events (where there might be conferences, meetings, and seminars). Additionally, ensure that you have a backup plan in case the internet suddenly disappears.
  • Entertainment Entertainment could range from hiring a host in order to ensure your program will go as smoothly as possible to getting a band or DJ play music to your event—so it won’t end up being dull and boring.
    Whatever you choose for your entertainment, be sure to consult with your venue if they have a package that provides this aspect. You wouldn’t want to end up not getting entertainers in your party because you thought it is already included in what you paid your venue for—when, in truth, you would have to pay for them separately.
  • Venue Policies  Lastly, before you finalize the arrangements with the venue, you also need to be informed about any of the terms and conditions that the place might have.

Don’t be intimidated! There might be a lot of things that you’ll have to keep in mind, but once you’ve gotten over this hurdle, your efforts will all be worth it. After all, if you meticulously take these things into consideration, then you’ll eventually find the venue that can usher in the success of your occasion.

Why Choose the Best Venue for Your Events in Quezon City?

Whether you intend to celebrate a wedding, a company milestone, or a product launch, you’ll want nothing but the best for your events. You want to fruitfully accomplish your agenda. More than that, it’s your duty to keep your guests engaged, satisfied, and comfortable the whole time.
If you want to ensure that you only get the finest venue for your events in Quezon City, then Prime Hotel is here for you.
Aside from having visually-appealing and cozy rooms, Prime Hotel also has ballrooms and function areas that can accommodate 70 people to more than 200 people. Additionally, these rooms can easily be fashioned to cater to the needs of your events, be it full-scale business conferences or exquisite wedding celebrations.
Its strategic location, which is at the heart of Quezon City, makes it easily accessible even via public transportation. Furthermore, it’s also in close proximity to entertainment centers and renowned establishments, such as ABS CBN, GMA 7, Quezon City Circle, City Hall, and government agencies.
Are the attendees of your events coming in by private vehicles? Then you don’t have anything to fret about. After all, Prime Hotel boasts a spacious, safe, and secure parking for its guests.
Lastly, we pride on our stellar customer service. We provide a 24/7 phone support, and we are committed to making guests feel welcome in order to satisfy their needs and to ensure that their experience is memorable—whether they will be staying in our rooms or will be a part of an event.
If you want to get a quote or if you have any inquiries, then don’t hesitate to contact us now. The Prime Hotel team is excited to work with you.

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