Events Venue in Quezon City: A Guide on the Appropriate Menu for Every Occasion


What do you need to take note of when planning the appropriate events menu?

  1. There are two types of format for serving meals – plated and buffet.
  2. Weddings can either have a buffet type of meal format of a plated type depending on the time of the reception.
  3. Most debut celebration is held during the night. Thus, a plated meal format is served.


Events are best held at the Metro due to the amazing event venues available in Quezon City, especially the ones that serve at the various hotels in Quezon City, such as Prime Hotel.

From all of the events that you have attended, have you ever heard the phrase “There’s a proper attire for every occasion”?

Well, that same phrase is also applicable to the feast shared on those occasions.

In a formal sit-down dinner where most people are wearing gowns and tuxedos, you don’t expect anyone to be wearing casual ripped jeans paired with red and black flannel, right?

Similarly, it would be unusual if steamed oysters were to be served while it is still snack time during basketball practice.

Basically, one important party element that should be given plenty of thoughts is the menu.  This is due to the fact that as a host, you are obliged to ensure that your guests are comfortable and full.

Planning parties is indeed fun! However, it also tends to be overwhelming, especially when choosing the appropriate menu for an events venue in Quezon City.

To ensure that you won’t lose the fun and excitement in planning the perfect menu that your guest will love, this article will guide you in everything you need to know!


Meal Serving Format

Meal Serving Format

Before anything else, you have to determine first the appropriate meal serving format. There are two kinds of serving format, which are the buffet format and the plated format.

  • Buffet

Gatherings held during the early times of the day that could cover either breakfast or lunch often serve meals in buffet formats.

  • Plated Dinner

Events that are held in the evening and covers dinner time are more suited to have a plated dinner format. Majority of formal events have sit-down meals so that the guests can maximize their time and get to associate with each other better.



Weddings can either be held in the morning and have the reception during lunch time. It could also take place in the afternoon with dinner served in the evening.

Since the wedding reception can either take place during lunch or dinner time, a plated service or a buffet style of serving are both considered as appropriate meal formats. Just make sure that the serving style is coordinated with the time of the event.


Sit-down Wedding Dinner

Sit-down Wedding Dinner

Due to the formal nature of a wedding, it is only fitting to have a full three-course meal that consists of an appetizer, main course, and desserts.

  • Appetizers

A fool-proof appetizer is a seafood salad that consists of shrimps, calamari, and mussels. To complete this appetizer, drizzle it with lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil!

  • Main Course

The main course should provide an overall balanced flavor. Baby back ribs with a rich coating of herbs and spices are best paired with seasoned and broiled salmon and fresh leafy vegetables.

  • Dessert

Caterers are starting to deviate from the traditional cake dessert and are trying out more creative options.  Yogurt and fruit parfaits can satiate the sweet cravings of the guest while providing nutrition at the same time.



This type of meal serving gives the guests more freedom on their food options since they could only choose the dishes that seems appetizing to them.

Buffets offer up to three variants with one dish allotted for fish, chicken, and beef options.

Another buffet staple is a carving station where chefs cut meats like steak on the spot.  Moreover, fruits stations are often set-up as a healthy dessert option.




18th birthday celebrations are often held during the night, starting from 7:00 PM and ending at around 11:00 PM.

With this being said, it should have a plated meal format just like for a wedding reception held during the evening. Unlike weddings where sophisticated meals are served, the hotels in Quezon City serves courses that suit the palate of the teenagers as well.

Similar to a wedding menu, there should be at least one beef, fish, and chicken variants to cover all possible meat options. Savory soups like pumpkin soup make a perfect appetizer for such occasion. Since it’s a coming-of-age party, a pesto pasta is a special food option that is perfect for a special occasion.

In addition, an exclusive vegetable dish like a mixed vegetable plate topped with shrimps and quail eggs is also necessary, especially for those who are watching their weight.

Lastly, cheesecakes, buko pandan salad, and lychee gelatin salad will surely have your guest coming back for the dessert station for more!


Key Takeaway

Those are some options you might want to consider the next time that you plan and prepare the perfect event venue in Quezon City. Don’t forget to always utilize the appropriate meal serving format in whatever event you plan.

If you want to have a hassle-free event planning, you can always contact Prime Hotel to assist you with planning the perfect event you have always wanted!

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