How to Make Your Events Venue in Quezon City Look Elegant Without Breaking the Bank


How to Make Your Events Venue in Quezon City Look Elegant Without Breaking the Bank

How can you make your event’s venue look elegant on a budget?

  1. Have a minimalist theme.
  2. Follow a specific color palette.
  3. Design the place using lights
  4. Improvise your décor.


So you got it all planned out—the program flow, the hotel accommodation of the guests, and even the band. The only thing you have to think about is your event venue.

Well, don’t stress about it too much because holding an elegant event is possible and affordable at the same time!

If you have already found the perfect event’s venue in Quezon City or in other nearby cities, all you have to think about is how to glam it up according to your plans.

Giorgio Armani is an icon of elegance in fashion, his dapper collection of wardrobe transforming men and women everywhere into pure chic characters. He was also quoted saying the following: “Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.”

Let that quote serve as your mantra and you’ll realize that you don’t need all the fancy decorations and overdone motifs to transform your event’s venue into an unforgettable ball.

Follow these simple tips below to find out how!



Have a minimalist theme.

Try a sleek approach to your event theme. Doing this is not an overwhelming display of elegance since you will only stick to essential design techniques.

It will give your event’s venue a refreshing look, one without too much clutter. Start with your table setting; that is, set it against a classy white linen, and then place candles in glasses as your main decoration. The luminescence coming from the candle is elegant and relaxing in itself.

Emphasize your venue in solid white or solid black hues—these two are the basic colors of minimalism. These colors are striking without hurting the eyes of your guests. You can also opt to pair it with a warm gold or a muted scarlet.

Simplicity is the key. Elegance does not mean extravagance.



Follow a specific color palette.

If you feel that black and white are not enough, you can select a color palette that can already serve as a decoration by itself. Blend colors with the basic structure of the event’s venue. Look for a place see where these colors can stand out.

It’s also vital for you to assess the event. That is, determine if the event calls for loud or neutral colors, if it is happening outdoors, or if it is an indoor affair.

Colors can enhance the whole look and atmosphere of the event venue. In order to achieve the balance between your palette and the place, you have to survey the place’s strong points and figure out if it can complement the colors you have chosen.

Release the inner kid in you and play by mixing and matching colors on your next celebration at an events venue in Quezon City!



Design the place using lights.

Design the place using lights.

Lights can easily set the mood and tone of your event. In fact, lights can also transform the place even if they are dimmed. These are affordable alternatives to elegant decoration pieces—and without losing the glamorous effect it will have on your event venue, at that.

You can even opt to use lights as a table decoration. The romantic feel of having lights as the centerpiece of your event venue will be memorable and will serve as a warm reminder of your organized event. With this decoration, you can make the venue elegant without trying too hard.

Choose between traditional lighting or the popular LED variety. Use the curtains in your venue to complement your lights or their fixtures. You can also hang the curtains overhead.

Let your guests bask in the warm and bright atmosphere of your event’s venue, forcing them to think about the event long after the lights have gone out.



Improvise your décor.

Planning an event with a fixed budget in mind can be extremely tricky—especially if you are planning on overboard design pieces which can really be abusive to your wallet.

But don’t worry, there is a way around this dilemma! You can start by looking at the present structures in your event venue and incorporating them into your planned theme. You can also display some DIY décor in your venue.

You can improvise decorations as hanging pieces at your venue, such as upside-down umbrellas or paper garlands. For the paper garlands, you can pick paper roses and hang them on a string—this will make your backdrop beautiful and elegant.

Inject creativity and passion into your decorations and your event will have a 5-star quality much like your hotel accommodation!



Key Takeaway

It can be difficult to envision the aesthetic of an event venue when you have a budget to stick to, but your insight and goal for your event will be the tools you can use to have a successful event.

These tips on how to make your event’s venue in Quezon City look elegant without breaking the bank can definitely help in making guests feel closer to the event, transforming the occasion into something memorable.



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