Events Venues in Quezon City: Guidelines in Choosing a Menu


Guidelines in Choosing an Events Menu

What are the guidelines when choosing an events menu?

  1. Choose the appropriate meal serving format.
  2. Take into consideration the special needs the guests.
  3. Know the overall preference of the guests.
  4. Incorporate seasonal products.
  5. Only serve dishes made with fresh ingredients.


It is indeed true that when one is planning an important event, Quezon City is one of the best locations that you can opt for! For one, it is very accessible for both commuters and car riders. Plus, the various hotels in this place offer the best menu for events venues in Quezon City. This comes as no surprise since Quezon City houses some of the best hotels in Manila – one of which is Prime Hotel.

There are a number of elements that add to the general splendor of a party such as the perfect beats and music to increase the energy or the adequate lighting to set the right mood of the party – which ultimately make the event a successful one.

However, if you really want to impress your party guests, all you have to do is make sure that their stomachs are happy with the right food. Yep, that’s right! The best way to have your event remembered is by choosing the perfect menu to serve in your event.

Don’t feel pressured because the actual party should not be the only fun part, hence, the planning stage too. To help you out in your party preparation, here are some guidelines that may help you in choosing the perfect events menu!


Choose the meal serving format

Choose the meal serving format

There are two types of formats when it comes to serving the meals – it is either plated or buffet style. It may be tempting to go all out for your guest and choose the buffet style, but each format is only appropriate for certain settings.

If your event will be held in the morning until noon and will cover either breakfast or lunch, it is ideal to have a buffet type of meal format. On the other hand, if your celebration will take place in the evening, especially if it is set in one of the best hotels in Manila, then a formal plated meal format is ideal. Such meal format is appropriate for formal dinners of relaxed gathering like meetings of senior executives.

Another specification for plated meals is that it should be served if the allotted time for eating is at least 1.5 hours.


Consider the Special Needs of your Guests

While you are in the process of planning the menu for your event, take a look at your guest list to check if you have any friends or relatives that have food specifications.

If you skip this step, there two possible scenarios during the event. First, one of your guests would be forced to starve throughout the whole program. Second, one guest might unknowingly ingest a food item that he or she might be allergic to and experience a severe allergic reaction.

Food specifications to consider are allergies towards certain ingredients, religious requirements, and other restrictions to one’s diet. To ensure that none of the scenarios mentioned above will happen, go ahead and ask your guest. They would even appreciate the effort and consideration that you exerted in asking them.


Know the preference of your guests

Know the preference of your guests

You don’t have to know the exact things that your guests want, but an overall idea of the common preference of your guest will do.

It’s already a given that you won’t be able to please everyone that will attend to your occasion. However, you can always try, and one sure way to be able to satisfy a majority of your guest is by serving them various entrees. Two options will do but if your budget will allow it, have a third option.

Make sure to position the various condiments in an accessible area. As for the salad courses, have at least three salad dressings with a varying taste. You can opt for a sweet, sour, or a tangy dressing.

It’s best to provide two options for the dessert. The first dessert option could be like a red velvet flavored parfait. The other dessert could be a healthy option with fruits like mangoes, strawberries, melons, and watermelons. That way, you are able to cater even to those guest who is watching their calorie intake.


Include Seasonal Products

One way to better incorporate the date of the event into the menu is by serving the things that are in-season. That way, the acquisition of the raw materials won’t be difficult and costly. Also, incorporating the seasonal goods can also reflect the area from which the event is taking place.


Use Fresh Ingredients

Use Fresh Ingredients

As a host, you only want what’s best for your guests right? Well, one way to be a good host is by requesting that your event’s menu in Quezon City are cooked from the freshest ingredients that are available in the city.

Using fresh ingredients are not only good for your guest, fresh goods can also yield a very distinct flavor compared to pre-packaged ingredients since the freshness of the ingredients delivers a savory treat for each person’s taste buds.


Key Takeaway

Those are the tips on choosing the perfect events menu for any occasion. If you have an upcoming celebration and want to have the best menu for an events venue in Quezon City, then head on to Prime Hotel to make your event an unforgettable one!

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