Events Venues in Quezon City: 8 Activities to Do After a Meeting


Events Venue in Quezon City - 8 Activities to Do After a Meeting

What are the different activities you can do after a meeting at an events venue in Quezon City?

  1. De-stress and chill in a bar.
  2. Sing your heart out at a karaoke session.
  3. Appreciate exquisite cuisine.
  4. Share Event Pictures and Videos
  5. Play challenging video games.
  6. Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Meeting
  7. Work those muscles and hit the gym.
  8. Unwind in one of the best hotels in Manila.



Admit it, business meetings can take forever. Of course, it should since you would be talking about serious matters there.

Picture this: you are in an events venue in Quezon City, nestled in one of the best hotels in Manila. You are laser-focused on work, but after being bombarded by all those technical jargons and professional discussions, you can be prone to information overload. Eventually, you will have to find a way to avoid being burnt out.

Fortunately, there are a lot of activities for you and your colleagues to engage in after the big company gathering!

Here is your guide to fun activities that you can do after a meeting:



De-stress and Chill in a Bar

De-stress and Chill in a Bar

There’s nothing like a cold drink after work.

It is also a great setting to talk about insights about the meeting you just attended. Not to mention that sharing ideas over cocktails will bring out your creative and productive side.

Remember that you deserve a great place—that is, not just any bar but one that will give you excellent service and a great selection of drinks and bar chow.

Try a roof deck bar in one of the best hotels in Manila and be mesmerized by the city lights. Gazing at this spectacular view is a foolproof way to de-stress after a long meeting!



Sing Your Heart Out at a Karaoke Session

Sing your Heart Out at a Karaoke Session

Don’t be shy, grab the mic and channel your inner Adele or Sam Smith!

Karaoke is a fun activity and you might as well enjoy it with your colleagues. Spend the night in laughter and music, just forget about work stuff for a while.

The best place to have a karaoke session is a spacious room with plenty of choices for your food trip and song selection.

Maybe by the end of the night, you’ll get to hear your boss sing!



Appreciate Exquisite Cuisine

Appreciate Exquisite Cuisine

All those talks about business will surely have your stomach crumbling.

Because you worked hard for the day, you deserve nothing but the best. Indulge in the menu of a restaurant in one of the best hotels in Manila and you won’t find an ounce of regret after you have finished your meal.

A hearty meal is not complete without rice so why not try clay pot rice meals and delectable Chinese noodles that will be a feast of flavors for you as well as a great energy booster?



Share Event Pictures and Videos

Share Event Pictures and Videos

Aside from the event being memorable, of course, there are people who need to hold a physical souvenir of it. You can choose to have a photo booth at the venue or you can hand out candids of the guests later on.

Share event pictures and videos with the guests and they will always remember this corporate meeting that they have attended. Give these pictures as a thank you note for their participation with the company.



Play Challenging Video Games

Play Challenging Video Games

Video games can bring out the inner kid in you and it is a great way to get away from the stress of work even if it only lasts for an hour or two.

Virtual Reality (VR) games are making waves in the video game industry now, and its interactive qualities make for a fun entertainment experience.

Playing video games contributes to developing teamwork in winning or just the mindless fun you will all get when you laugh at each other’s attempts to win.

To suggest a great place to do this in, look for the first rentable VR room in the Philippines that is equipped with a complete Oculus VR set and the latest VR games.

Have fun and game on!



Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Meeting

Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Meeting

Ask yourself: what went well with the meeting, and what didn’t? Take note of key points that you should consider for your next event. Conduct a survey on the participants and ask them about the areas the corporate meeting should improve upon.

Do this activity in a fun way—maybe by interviewing everyone for a live video on social media or a voice recording. This way, you can have effective results as well as interactive ones.



Work Those Muscles and Hit the Gym

Work those Muscles and Hit the Gym

Release those endorphins by breaking a sweat.

Focus on stretching those muscles, jolt them awake because sitting in a long meeting will leave them idle.

You can either opt to do it alone or tag along with a gym buddy from your office. It will be the perfect end of the daily activity and will keep you sharp until the next meeting.



Unwind in One of the Best Hotels in Manila

Unwind in One of the Best Hotels in Manila

Sometimes, peace and quiet are all you need.

Staying in is a great activity for you too as well as a great opportunity to rest your mind and body.

Just lounging around on a soft bed, ordering room service with your favorite movie playing on the screen. It sounds like heaven, right?

Take advantage of the downtime after a meeting to be a guest in a great hotel.

Think of it as a reward for all your hard work so don’t be guilty, just relax!



Key Takeaway

It pays to do activities outside your work sometimes. It will greatly contribute to your well-being by lessening the pressure you have to deal with.

Puzzled on where to find these great activities?

Head on out to Prime Hotel and try these 6 activities to do after a meeting in an events venue in Quezon City!

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