A Debutant’s Escapade: Find the Perfect Venue in Quezon City


A Debutant’s Escapade Find the Perfect Venue in Quezon City

What should you consider when looking for the perfect debut venue in Quezon City?

  1. Location, accessibility, and parking space
  2. Layout and ambiance
  3. Technicalities and other services



A daughter’s 18th birthday is one of the many occasions where she will be the highlight of the night. Thanks to tradition, a debut in the Philippines is usually grand in nature, due to it being the welcoming or, as it is called, the debut of the girl into the real world. Naturally, the debutants expect the event to be perfect. From celebrating in the best venues in Quezon City to having the best food catering possible, there is no room for error when it’s by far the most special night of the debutant.

With that being said, every debutant has different tastes. And because of this, you can assume that no two debuts will be exactly the same. To continue making everything as unique as possible while also making sure that the celebrant will be happy with the debut, you should always start with finding the perfect venue to celebrate it.

With that being said, here are some things you need to consider when looking for the perfect debut venue in Quezon City.



Location, Accessibility, and Parking Space

Just like any other event, the first thing that you should secure is the location. Where will it be held? Should it be close to somewhere important like hotels or restaurants? Is it somewhere that is accessible by all of your guests? Are there enough parking spaces for all of your guests? These are just some of the questions you should consider when preparing for a debut.

Ideally, the location should be somewhere at the midpoint of all the guests’ homes. This will make sure that your guests, regardless of where they will be coming from, will be able to get there. Avoid choosing event venues that are either too near or too far from your guests.

Of course, the event venue should be easily accessible for those who will be commuting and has enough parking spaces for those who will be bringing cars. Remember—your venue may be amazing, but a large part of how much your guests enjoyed the night is affected by how easy or difficult it was for them to get there!



Layout and Ambiance

Layout and Ambiance

The most important aspect to consider when looking or a venue for a debut is that it is aligned with the theme of the debut. At the very least, the venue must be customizable—if not, then you might as well cross out the venue from your list of choices.

The perfect debut venue should have an easily customizable layout for its events space to allow the ones preparing the debut to design it the way the debutant prefers, keeping the dream of celebrating the perfect debut intact.

Of course, the ambiance that an event venue exudes should not be overlooked. The ambiance should be a perfect fit for the theme of the debut as well—if not, the whole event will become slightly awkward and feel out of place.

Make sure to put these two factors into account when considering your event venue options, and that you have a crystal clear picture of what you want in mind.



Amenities and Services

Lastly, make sure to make a thorough inspection of the amenities and services that the event venue offers. While they aren’t as difficult to remedy as the above factors in case of problems, they are still contributing factors to the overall quality of the event and should nonetheless be carefully considered before making a final decision.

Some event venues are fully equipped with almost everything you need for a debut—one of the more important ones being a versatile food caterer that can serve dishes that will perfectly complement the setting of the debut.

Other essentials are the professional light and sound systems to be installed and operated by a professional on the sidelines and an in-house décor team to handle all the heavy lifting and physical setup for the debut, among many others.

Take note, however, that while some event venues will have all of the above prepared by their own teams, there are other event venues that will not—in which case you will need to have the services outsourced. Be sure that you are prepared for either scenario.



Key Takeaway

To a girl, the importance of her 18th birthday cannot be stated enough. It does, after all, symbolize the huge leap into being an adult and will be an event she will look back to and cherish for the rest of her life. Be sure to make all the necessary preparations in order to give your debutant a truly unforgettable night—celebrate it with the people important to her, and in the perfect venue!

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